Harryers Client’s Nest #1

May 31, 2018
May 31, 2018 Harry

So, here is how it is. What do we want and what is our purpose in the field of business. This story is very interesting, and it all starts with FAILURE.  

Yes, that’s right, but after each and every failure, we learn from the mistakes and act quickly. That is the best formula for success, being able to be bold and fearless.

Because the time we are living right now, you can afford to take a risk as long as you can lose cheaply. We have that entrepreneurial mindset that is holding us positive, hard to lose faith, always expecting a positive outcome. Now, you may have misunderstood me when saying we learn from failures, but let me tell you how good we are at what we do and what is our detailed approach.

Harryer Herald is the agency that is built to be an in-house agency through an offering of direct and dedicated communication and consultations with the client. Harryer Herald is the gatekeeper of loyalty of your brand.

Never to forget, what we say we do. We have stellar ideas and we are fast on execution. We believe that fasts execution for the client’s needs can only keep pace with today’s internet society. That also makes us result driven community, we are not offering anything to you if we are unable to provide best results in the game.

We want to help you achieve your desired results & help you bring your brand to life through – traditional or digital marketing & advertising, content creation, email marketing and sales funnel development. What it means to this in-house agency is that, to also determine Brand’s artistic side and to develop it. Everybody knows that the most powerful brands in the world have never valued only currency as the factor of success. Everyone from those giants wanted some kind of legacy behind them.

But the legacy is built on trust. That is why we call ourselves “in-house digital marketing agency”, so the main pillars of Harryer Herald are Direct communication, Loyalty, Results & Fast execution driven in-house team.

So how do you get this in-house digital marketing agency started? Simply just by reaching out, whether it is via email, facebook, Instagram or giving the snap to Harry directly.

Now on to our detailed approach to work.

Every time we sign a new client to our Nest, we want to do something extraordinary, something unique, a new method, strategy… Remember what Volvo did at Super Bowl in 2015, you can check it out here in case you’ve missed it.

So the very first thing for us to do is to learn about the clients business and try to emphasize as much as possible with the brand, we believe empathy is the true value. Learn as much as possible about the client’s industry, competitors, most importantly their customers! Understanding those people, their needs, pain points, the way they speak, jargon, is all that matters to a successful marketing campaign. Learning about actual human beings is what matters the most, not just acting digital.

Social media is just a distribution channel in the eyes of a marketer, and you need to respect the culture each and every social network has, therefore you need to align your marketing strategies for each platform individually, and you can craft those strategies based on knowing the people that hand out there.

That’s it! Really, it might seem like it’s an easy thing to do, but it’s NOT.

We will get into technicalities and more in-depth approach when it comes to some specific services that we offer in the next Harryer’s Client Nest post. There I would like to explain each and every service and their approach in more broader detail.

Till then, fasten your seatbelts we are taking off!


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